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About me


I'm a little bit of rebel, choosing to forge my own path when everyone else said to follow theirs.  I became a photographer over 27 years ago, when women weren't even a part of the industry.  Now, we make up more than half of all photographers in the world.  I guess you could say I was on the cusp of a great wave of creativity.  I started in film and am loving every moment of the digital realm.  I love learning more and more every day about this great big world of photography.  I don't think I will ever learn it all, and that is the most exciting part of this profession.  I have earned my master of photography degree, and have won numerous national awards, but i know that I am only as good as the last portrait I created.  I know that each day, waking up, and getting to pick up my camera to create a piece of artwork for a family gives me an amazing sense of awe  and humbles me that God has chosen me for this task.  Each moment, each laugh, each tear, I help hold on to those memories for the amazing families that have walked thru my studio door.  It is honor to be a part of such an important moment in their lives.  

And when I'm not creating:  I am loving on my 6 grandchildren, or maybe playing tennis somewhere, or riding my motorcycle down a country road.  Like I said, I'm a little bit of rebel.  Forge your own path!

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