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I'm Kathy Sue and I've been in Bixby for about 27 years, serving the community with portraits in the downtown area for over 17 of those years.  I love creating amazing portraits for all of my clients and friends and have been honored to be a part of so many special moments in their lives.  There is nothing more wonderful than to stop time and hold it in your hand.  I am amazed I get to do this everyday  and I thank everyone who has given me the honor of making each moment in life

life last forever.  I look forward to creating a special moment for you and your family this year.

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Kathy Sue


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2022 Senior Sessions

Senior 2019 Lake session

It's your time, your year. It's time to have the time of your life

Fall Senior sessions Tulsa

How do you create the perfect portrait? Location, time, attitude and of course, the perfect outfit.

The perfect location:

Kathy Sue takes the time to create an amazing expedition of photography to showcase your unique style.

With over 20 locations to choose from, we will create a perfect session just for you


Kathy Sue is a master of light, studying seasonal changes and patterns of the sun so she knows exactly where and when the light will be perfect for your session. And don't forget, she has an amazing studio set up to make the coolest portrait ever!


When it comes to making the perfect portrait, don't forget the clothes. No, really, don't forget the clothes! We want each outfit to make you look your absolutely best so we offer a free clothing consultation prior to your session so we can make sure that you have the best senior pictures possible.



On the day of the session, be yourself! After all your senior session is all about you! Every fun, quirky, crazy, awesome, beautiful moment that defines you. Make sure it comes out in each and every photograph.

Take the time to let the world know who you are and watch out...the future is yours!


Only the best places and the best moments for you! After all, this year is your last year in high school, and you are special. There is no one like you in the world. Why not create a one of a kind experience for your senior session. Your session should be all about you, and everything that makes you unique.



Choose the best senior photographer in Tulsa, and everywhere. Choose Kathy Sue. She will create a unique session designed around you. After all, she has been photographing for over 25 years and has never ever photographed the same session twice. Seniors 2022, it's your time, make it the best year ever!

Call Kathy Sue to schedule your session text or call 918-330-1500

email her at for more information.

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